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27 Evagorou Avenue, Irene building, 1066 Trypiotis, Nicosia, Cyprus

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly more noticeable as people strive not just to make a profit but a real difference in society. Origin Unite seeks to end global malnutrition with a product known as 6*59 micronutrient. The company uses network marketing to create both a profit and at the same time end cycles of malnutrition. A buyer pays for a unit of the product which is then distributed in developing countries. In other words, the buyer is “purchasing “the product with the understanding he or she will not see it, but that a child in an impoverished nation will be able to use it. As a Unite Ambassador, a person gets paid a commission for promoting the product and using network organizations to make the sales.

This concept does require developing a downline team of people willing to promote the 6*59 micronutrient product, and this is done with an understanding that as a unit is sold, the product goes not to the buyer but to a child in underdeveloped country.

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