Bookies ban gambler with Midas touch

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Bob Rothman would like to give you a free tip for Saturday. He started off placing bets on horses and claims that failure gave him the ambition to beat the bookies. If the figures supplied to the  sunday Express are correct, he must be one of the most successful race horse gamblers of all time. In his most successful year he claims to struck bets of 2 million, and made a £440,000 profit. He claims to have had four accounts with bookmakers closed as they will not take his bets, and the others will not let him make the size of bets he wants on horses he wants to back, he produced a letter from the managing director of book makers Bob Menzies, which says “I am more than happy to confirm that the only reason your account was closed with us is because you became a luxury we could not afford.” Then came City Index’s testimony for a professional punter, stating that he was too clever for them. Join Bob in his quest to make money

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