Success Through Property

Price: GBP51 - GBP500
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Vadesha Properties Ltd,314 Uppingham Road Leicester Humberstone LE5 2BE United Kingdom


0870 881 0512

Success Through Property is a guide by Parmdeep Vadesha of Vadesha Properties Ltd that promises to show you how you can build a highly profitable property portfolio. There is an option on the website to try a free mini course ( which gives a sample of the techniques and tips you can expect to receive from the full course. Parmdeep claims that if you follow his proven system you can make serious money! He also states that he can offer financial assistance if you find a profitable property, so that you can joint venture and share the profits (The terms of each deal are entirely negotiable, and depend totally upon the nature of the project).

An example of some of the tips you will learn from this course are:
How the professionals find their most profitable property deals
How to buy property without using any of your own money
10 Powerful techniques you can use to increase your ‘perceived power’ in the negotiations
The 2 BIG mistakes made by amateur investors
Create irresistible adverts to attract the best tenants for your properties
10 common Situations that will force a seller to sell at below market value
A website which lists only those property sellers prepared to sell at below market value in return for a quick and/or cash sale
What makes a good mentor? Where do you find one?
The 8 crucial questions you MUST ask an estate agent before you agree to view ANY property
and the list goes on………… for more information, visit the website:

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